Open The Doors – Porto 2016

In September 2016 the 'Open The Doors' project held a five day reflection seminar. The seminar brought the partners together in an analysis of the first year of the project to enable them to summarize the practices and lessons learned and to move towards a consensus of the essential principles of the project. It also sought to build capacity in the NEET workers and create substantial practice techniques based upon those principles.

Together the teachers, youth workers, pedagogues and social educators  working with NEET prevention were challenged to help develop and inspire the entire project community through interaction with local activities. The dialogues and interactions during the seminar would help to drive change and build capacity and competence for NEET prevention.

Practice partners need such clear guidelines to enable their work to reflect the principles and aims of Open The Doors - real-life learning, working with the community, based learning, entrepreneurial mindsets, taking the initiative and using creative technology.

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