The final Open The Doors partner meeting begins today at Porto. The partners are meeting to discuss and revise the intellectual output of the project.

Porto Meeting

Today the teams are meeting at Banyoles Town Hall where we continue to work on the narratives from each international partner.

Girona – Day Four

Today the team discuss the task of engaging with youths at risk of social exclusion and present examples from their local experiences.

Girona – Day Three

Students in Banyoles discuss their Youth Workers, what they mean to them and the qualities that are important in working with younger people.

Youth Workers

Today the project teams have been exploring the mindset and changes to mindset encountered during the project.

Girona Seminar – Day Two

The Open The Doors Seminar started yesterday with all partners contributing to the sessions and discussing the context of the project so far.

Girona Seminar – Day One