Our perception of ourselves is very complex. Sometimes we have an idea of what we like, of what are our skills and abilities, but other times we are blinded to the things that we are best at.

Discovering Individual Talents

In September 2016 the 'Open The Doors' project held a five day reflection seminar. The seminar brought the partners together in an analysis of the first year of the project to enable them to summarize the practices and lessons learned and to move towards a consensus of the essential principles of the project.

Open The Doors – Porto 2016

In this changing society, contact between generations is assumed as an important strategy to promote intergenerational solidarity, the development of values such as respect and collaboration and also an important way of learning in an informal context.

Portugal – Intergenerational Learning in an Informal Context

We are in the second year of the project and the meeting in Glasgow had the purpose to see how the missions are doing, what our learning is, our successes and our failures.


In January 2017, the international partners of the Open The Doors project met at the University of Glasgow to share Mission progress and develop Action Plans for the forthcoming Months.

University of Glasgow

These last weeks we have been working with the youth group to find a goal that was interesting enough to perform. They appeared different options (to make a tennis court, reform our football field with artificial turf, riding a soccer tournament with other schools ....) After several votes decided to make a small outdoor fitness area.

Working with the Youth Group – Spain

Yesterday we started the project work with young people. We brought together 14 boys and girls and we have explained what we did to kick off.

Starting Project Work – Spain